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Design your own social media visuals & marketing material

Design your own social media visuals & marketing material

Kromad Design your own social media visuals

Let’s move on to the content you’ll most probably find yourself using the most: social media material. From Instagram stories to Facebook ads, these elements are crucial for any business  looking to promote itself online. Here are some pointers and tools to help you design your own social media visuals.


If you don’t already have a brand logo, I wrote an article about how to create your own logo that you may find helpful.


What should your post or ad consist of?


When creating social media material, I recommend keeping your text light and straightforward. If you want people to interact with your ad, you first have to get them to notice it. It’s usually the ones containing colourful imagery that stop our index finger in its tracks. Research conducted back in the Mad Men days showed that consumers tend to first notice images and headlines, then proceed to reading bolded words, and lastly the heavy paragraph. Because of our natural attraction to images, call-to-actions and compelling words like “free”, “limited-time offer”, or “sale”, will be read more often than the actual post text itself. Here’s an example:


The ability for these posts to grab users’ attention is more important now than ever – Facebook’s news feed algorithms have changed yet again to favor friends’ content over advertisers’. As such, some ads are doing extremely well with no text overlay at all. That’s because they don’t look like ads, and users seem to register a lot better with more organic forms of advertising these days.

My personal tip is to make sure that your posts don’t look out of place and/or too desperate for attention. As long as you keep them interesting with colours or imagery and short CTA’s, you’ll provide a better and more enjoyable experience to your audience and, most importantly, get maximum reach.


Build your social media posts strategy


First, let’s put together your posts or ad strategy:

  • What is the purpose of your posts or ads?
    1. Showcase my services
    2. Present my latest work
    3. Let my customers know about a sale
    4. Promote new products (or services)
    5. Make an announcement
    6. Just a nice filler post
  • What are you trying to achieve?
    1. Introduce my business
    2. Introduce a particular service I offer
    3. Gain more followers
    4. Let my followers know a little bit more about me and/or my business
  • What is your call-to-action?
    1. Visit my blog
    2. Shop my website
    3. Click my affiliate link
    4. Contact me or my business
    5. None, just like my post or follow me


Design your social media visuals


Now that you have a better overview of what you’re trying to achieve with your posts, let’s use Canva (a free design tool) to put it all together. From templates to inspiration, you’ll find everything you need to produce great visuals.

You can also easily create your graphics in Photoshop (Adobe Creative Suite — my program of choice!). I decided to put together a bundle of Instagram feed and story templates for you to use and customize to your liking:

Instagram Feed Template

Kromad Instagram Feed Template Sunshine


Instagram Story Template

Kromad Instagram Stories Template Sunshine


I hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions or need help with anything.

Be well and stay safe! ♥


P.S. Check out our free Instagram Games Templates!

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