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How to create your own logo

How to create your own logo

DIY Branding Guide by Kromad

Your logo is the first thing that your customers will notice, whether it’s on your website, social page, or packaging. Since it’s the perfect way to grab someone’s attention, your logo will have considerable impact on how people will view your brand or business. As I often repeat to my clients, simplicity is key – especially when you’re making it yourself! Let’s explore different tools and features to help you get started on how to create your own logo.

Stay away from unattractive clip art, don’t make it overly complicated, and make sure it looks good in black and white. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be memorable, but I strongly recommend sticking to fonts and colours that you won’t regret 5 years from now. There are some great websites available that can help you get started. These online logo makers provide infinite options depending on your style and industry.


Here are my top 5 online logo maker websites:


Name Cheap: The name of the website might throw you off. It’s mainly a domain and hosting website, but surprisingly their logo options are pretty interesting.

Placeit: This one is perfect for DIY branding with endless ways to customize their logo templates.

Canva: Everyone knows about Canva! From business cards to flyers and letterheads, you can find all kinds of pretty templates on their website. It’s quite helpful for logo making too.

Looka: This website also offers interesting variations of your logo depending on the styles, colours and symbols you like.

Hatchful by Shopify: Also offers additional free brand assets for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube to build your brand on social media.


Pick the right fonts and colours for your brand


While you’re at it, and before proceeding with everything else, complete your brand identity with a set of fonts and colours. Brand consistency is crucial – so don’t be all over the place! Pick 2 fonts and 3 colours, and stick with this throughout all of your marketing material. When I say 2 fonts and 3 colours, I mean 2 font families and 3 colour families. If you pick Arial and Georgia as your 2 fonts, you can use their various font weights should you need to accentuate certain sentences or titles. If you pick green, eggshell and copper as your 3 main colours, you can still use variations of those colours – their lighter or darker shades. Here’s an example:


Kromad How to Create your Own Logo - Pick Your Colours


Explore various fonts to see which ones fit the best with your brand. I’ll touch more on font pairing in a separate post but for now, check out these great free font websites that let you preview what your text will look like:

Google Fonts: Huge selection of web fonts.

Adobe Fonts: These fonts are free to use with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Dafont: Thousands of free fonts to choose from.

Font Squirrel: Small selection of free decent looking fonts.


There are also great affordable font bundles available online. Here are some that I can recommend:

The Chic & Unique Modern Font Bundle

The Modern Font Bundle Vol. 2


Here are some great websites for colour inspiration and matching:

Color Hunt: Colour palettes for days!

Design Seeds: A small website with lots of colour inspiration.

Pinterest: The mecca for all kinds of inspo. We’ve created a board with lots of colour combinations, take a look!



Let me know if this was helpful!

Wishing you a beautiful day ♥


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